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Organising secretariat :
Anthony ROBIN
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. Selected countries:

drapeau Algeria
Selection date: 22-23 June 08
Responsible: M. Maamar HENTOUR
Ambassador /Jury: M. Maamar HENTOUR
Commis chef:

drapeau Belgium
Selection date: 25- 26 September 08
Responsible: Patrick ROELS
Ambassador /Jury: Guido Deville
Candidate: Geert JONEKHEERE
Commis chef: Tom BEIRNAERT

drapeau Canada
Selection date: 18- 19 August 08
Responsible: M. Denis RIGOT
Ambassador /Jury: Robert BEAUCHEMIN
Candidate: Denis RIGOT
Commis chef: Guillaume BLEIN

drapeau China
Selection date: 28 - 29 October 08
Responsible: Hendry MIN
Ambassador /Jury: Hendry MIN
Candidate: Wang YU HUA
Commis chef: Yu WEN KANG

drapeau Korea
Selection date: 02 November 07
Responsible: Christophe KIM
Ambassador /Jury: Young-jin LIM
Candidate: SONG YoungKang
Commis chef: SONG Eun Hye

drapeau USA
Selection date: 29 April 08
Responsible: Vanessa ABSIL / jennifer pelka
Ambassador /Jury: Tim FOLEY
Candidate: Roger GURAL
Commis chef: Isabel DANIELS

drapeau France
Selection date: 28 September 08
Responsible: Olivier GATILLE
Ambassador /Jury: Thierry Meunier
Candidate: Olivier GATILLE
Commis chef: Jerome POULET

drapeau Italy
Selection date: 5 au 9 May 07
Responsible: Piergiorgio GIORILLI
Ambassador /Jury: Piergiorgio GIORILLI
Candidate: Fabrizio ZUCCHI
Commis chef: Simone BORTOLUS

drapeau Japan
Selection date: May 08
Responsible: Fujiko CHERRUEL/ Yukie YAMAMOTO/ Emu KAWAKAMI
Ambassador /Jury: Jiro FUJIROMI
Candidate: Takaaki NISHIKAWA
Commis chef: Saki NINOMIYA

drapeau Lebanon
Selection date: 8 et 11 April 08
Responsible: Jihane BOUSTANY-KHOURY
Ambassador /Jury: Dory RIZK
Candidate: Daniel GERYES
Commis chef: Rodry RYSK

drapeau Mali
Selection date: 22 - 23 May 08
Responsible: Lamine HAIDARA
Ambassador /Jury: Lamine HAIDARA
Candidate: Kader Coulibaly
Commis chef: Adama Abdoulaye

drapeau Switzerland
Responsible: Olivier HOFMANN
Ambassador /Jury: Nicolas TAILLENS
Candidate: Andreas SCHAAD
Commis chef: Michael MAROLF

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