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The World of Bread contest is signed "Taste & Nutrition".
It is the best shop window of actual bakery promoted by the best bakers in the world. All candidates and their assistant are the promoters of the future of our profession.


FRANCE has won the 2nd World of Bread contest "Taste & Nutrition" which took place at the Sirha exhibition in January 2009



 Ambassadors of Bread


Organizers of selections and of the running of the events 

To highlight a new vision of the bread which associate nutritional and gastronomic properties. 
Defenders of artisanal tradition of the bread, they also have the ambition of being friendly with our taste. 
Most of them are winners of the French contest "best French baker"; the World of Bread contest is the best  reference event in the world to promote their ideas. 


Consultez le blog du 2ème Mondial du Pain :


Under the eagis of the Ambassadors of Bread 


The World of Bread contest shows the capacity of our  profession to be able to answer to actual requirements of consumption and to expectations of consumers.
Ancestral and universal food, the bread shows its modernity and adequation to the requirements of a well-balanced diet.

Dominique PLANCHOT
Founder President
President of Ambassadeurs du Pain et de la Boulangerie française