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Japanese selection - February and May 2010

The japanese pre-selection for the 3rd World of Bread contest took place on the HOTERES trade fair in Tokyo, in february 2010. There were 14 candidates in competition. They presented croissants, various baguettes, typical breads of the country, aromatic breads, and decoration pieces. 7 bakers have been selected for the finals. Three Ambassadors of Bread (Dominique PLANCHOT, Bruno CORMERAIS and Thierry MEUNIER) were present for this pre-selection.

The final took place at NKS school in Tokyo on May 25th and 26th, 2010. The selected candidate who will represent Japan during the 3rd World of Bread contest is Ryuzo ABE.

 Candidate : Ryuzo ABE


Italian selection - March 2010

The Ambassadors of Bread represented by Dominique PLANCHOT and Amandio PIMENTA were present in Italy from February 28th to March 2nd, 2010, on the trade fair "Aliment" (food) in Brescia, for the italian selection. At the end of this contest, Mauro PINEL and Marco SANTAROSSA won the italian selection, so they will represent their country for the 3rd World of Bread contest. 

They have met the italian Ambassadors, whose chairman is Piergiorgio Giorilli, in order to communicate regarding nutritinal values of bakery and designate officially the italian Ambassadors members.

  Candidate : Mauro PINEL - Assistant : Marco SANTAROSSA


Mali selection - May 2010

The bakery and pastry school of Barnako from Amara Doucouré and sons company (SOADF) will represent Mali during the next World of Bread contest. The team is composed of Bakary Doucouré and Ibrahim Yaya Maïga, selected during the national selection which took place at SOADF head office (at N’Golonina market) on May 5th, 2010. Jean-Claude CHOQUET, representant of Ambassadors of Bread, oversaw this contest.

  Candidate : Bakary DOUCOURE - Assistant : Ibrahim Yaya MAIGA


Belgium selection - November 2010

In october 2009, the belgian association Aspirant Baker organized the « Belgian Championship Aspirant Baker 2009 ». 16 candidates were selected during the pre-selections among 40 candidates. Divided in two categories « Bakery » and « Viennoiserie », the title of « Belgium champion young baker 2009 » was at stake. The 2 winners have been selected for the « European championship of young bakers » organized in 2010 at Bern (Suitzerland).

Following this contest, three teams were in competition, and they have competed to represent Belgium at the next World of Bread :
    - Sammy Depauw, candidate and Nordine Es-Salehy, his assistant 

    - Wim Verstraeten, candidate, and Dries Spruyt, his assistant
    - Simon Donadic, candidate, and Valentin Clerc, his assistant

These selections were organized by Mr ROELS Patrick and Mr DEVILLE Guido, Ambassadors of Belgium.

The programm is the same as the rules of World of Bread contest 2011. The candidates were alloted 1 hour of preparation on Monday. The selections took place on Thuesday during 8 hours and a half.

Three jury members were checking their work and products, among them Bruno CORMERAIS, "Best Baker of France" and member of Ambassadors of Bread, and a nutritionist.

The results have been announced on the evening. Sammy Depauw and Nordine Es-Salehy will have the chance to represent  Belgium during the 3rd World of Bread, that will take place in France this year.

 Candidate : Nordine ES-SALEHY - Assistant : Sammy DEPAUW