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The contest 

The 3rd World of Bread contest will take place at the international fair of 

Saint Etienne, from September 20th to 25th, 2011.


The objectives of the contest : 

          - to highlight the professionnal expertise of participants
          - to demonstrate the evolution and progress made in Bakery Art before a large audience
          - to promote inovative ideas in terms of gastronomy
          - to encourage young profesionnals


Each team is composed of a professionnal baker and his assistant.  During the contest, the transmission of professionnal expertise is mandatory for the future of bakery trade.
This is the reason why a Trophy rewarding the best assistant baker has been created during the 2nd World of Bread contest.

Big importance is attached to balanced and diversified breads, together with attractive presentation.


Nutrition is highlighted by the elaboration of nutrition bread, which take into account the nutritionnal properties of the bread, together with a good taste. Rewarded by the special prize "Taste & Nutrition".


Taking into account the new tendances of consumers, the novelty 2011 will be the elaboration of a bread composed of biological ingredients with environmental respect. Rewarded by the special prize "Bio".


French Bakery Team support :
This contest is organized with the support of the French Bakery Team.

Conditions of participation :
This contest is open to all bakers, men or women, from the nationality of the country they will be representing (copy of passport is required), older than 23 for the candidate and no older than 22 years for the assistant.

The contest :

Each team will be alloted 1 hour of preparation on the day before the contest and 8 hours the day of the contest.


 15 countries in competition in order to reveal the best of bakery


The full extent of the competitors skills is put to the test :

. World breads (baguettes, typical breads, health and nutrition bread, current breads)
. Viennoiserie
. Artistic piece
. Balanced sandwich (novelty 2009)
. Health and nutrition bread
. Biological bread (novelty 2011)


The trophy "Taste & Nutrition" is awarded by a jury composed of nutritionists and health specialists. Bread is the main complement of our health. This is a refence food thanks to its nutritional properties.


Progress of the contest :
The competition will take place during 5 days, 3 countries per day will compete.

It is a permanent animation. The contest will progress throughout the day.

This is the programm :
06:30 am : beginning of the contest for the candidates
12:00 am : the first products will be presented to the jury
02:00 pm to 03:00 pm : artistic piece lasting and decoration 
04:00 pm to 05:30 pm : jury and animation


Various interviews and testimonies on precise subjects developped by the Ambassadors of Bread will take place in front of the public audience all along the day :
. taste
. nutrition
. communicating professionnal expertise
. bio products and lasting development 
. quick restauration and balanced food
The partners of the contest will also develop these different axes, according to their specialisation.


The jury :
The jury is composed of :
. 15 bakers from 15 different countries
. 1 recognized chef cook
. 1 nutritionist
. 1 scientific
. 1 consumer

The chairman of the jury is an internationally recognized chef baker. 


Rewarding prizes :
The rewarding of prizes will take place on Sunday 25 september at 3pm, in presence of official people, partners, and Ambassadors of Bread and best bakers of 

This contest will reward the best baker and his assistant, with the Trophy "Ambassadors of Bread".

Five special prizes :
. the special trophy "Taste & Nutrition"
. the trophy for the best baker assistant
. the special trophy "bio"
. the special prize "viennoiserie"
. the special prize "artistic piece"


Please find enclosed the press file of the 3rd World of Bread :

dossier de presse


If you wish to become partner of this world event, please click on the hereunder link :

dossier de partenariat recto

dossier de partenariat verso


Saint Etienne will become the world capital of bread from 16 to 26 september 2011

The international fair represents 42 000 of exhibitions, 500 exhibitors and 120 000 visitors.

The visitors can discover a shop window of world bakery, together with various animations concerning :


The high gastronomy around bread, on Saturday 17, Sunday 18 and Monday 19 september 2011


During these 3 days, the high gastronomy and Ambassadors of Bread will associate in order to elaborate new recipes of a meal around bread. This event will be sponsored by Régis Marcon.

9 chef cook will join the 9 baker ambassadors in order to elaborate original recipes with bread.


The World of Bread, from Thuesday 20 to Saturday 24 september 2011


From Thuesday 20th to Saturday 24th september, 15 teams will compete, by 3 teams per day. Each day, we can see them realize their products and discover the new world tendances. 

Elaboration of artistic piece in live in order to show the elegance of bakery trade.

Every afternoon, a jury composed of professionnals will share with the public the particularities of the products realized by the candidates. 

Rewarding of prizes on Sunday 25 september at 3pm.


International shop window of bread on Sunday 25 september 2011


3 countries will be at honor : foreign Ambassadors will show the specialities of their country : a nutritional bread, a prestige  viennoiserie, and a balanced sandwich.

During these 10 days, St Etienne will become the world capital of bread with the participation of around 15 countries.