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Frequent Asked Questions

About breads. The team takes 5kg of flour to make 1 dough, is that right ?
> Yes, they have to use 5kg of flour for 1 recipe, 1 dough


A part from the baguette, can the dough be modified by adding an other ingredient to make the long breads or other shape ?

> No, every product made with this recipe has to be done with the same dough.


For the 5 long bread, is it better to make 1 sample or 5 different ?

> The 5 breads have to be identical.


Will all the products be tasted ? for example, for the breads, except the baguettes, will the long bread and others be tasted ?

> There is no rule for that. But usually, the baguette is tasted. However, the other breads have been made with the same dough and the same method.


Can we bring support to display Viennoiserie ?
> No this, would not be fair to every team

Can we have pictures of previous Artistic piece as references ?

> Yes, they will be online. But note that the raised dough is no more mandatory to be made on site. You can do one, but it is not asked in the subject.


We are using a mix of seeds that needs to be boiled. Can we do that in advance and bring the mix ready to use ?

> Yes you can bring the mix ready to use. Please precise this ingredients in your list of ingredients


Can we use emulsified oil ?

> There is no problem


Our team needs « chocolat nips » Bio. Do you provide this ?

> This is not on the list of our chocolate partner. We can ask if they have if it is really mandatory.


You provide margarine. It is real margarine or butter ?

> It is real margarine made especially for viennoiserie and sandwiches


What is the official Dress Code for teams ?


Each Baker and Assistant will get 2 official Jackets 5th World of Bread, an apron and Toque. One of the Jacket has to be kept clean for Rewards on Sunday.

Trousers should be the same for members of a same team.

Coach will get 1 official Jacket 5th World of Bread.


What are the equipment that are authorised in the bakery ?


We have send to the teams a worksheet where they should tell us what they need.

In further reference to the answers we will get, we will arrange the equipment that is common to most of the teams.

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What is the Hotel for Teams ?



31 avenue Denfert Rochereau

42000 Saint Etienne

You can ask for availability the nights before and after.


REMINDER : The committee pays for the nights of Baker, Assistant and Coach from Sept 23rd to Sept 27th (morning) which means 4 nights. Ladies will be accomodated in single rooms. Men in Twin, sharing with the 3rd member of the Team




What are you recommendations for Families and supporters ?


You can contact :

- ResidHotel 5 rue Louis Braille, 42000 Saint Etienne (0033 477 451 000) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It is 140m walking distance from Team Hotel.



- IBIS HOTEL Gare de Chateaucreux, 35 avenue Denfert Rochereau, 42000 Saint Etienne (0033 477 379 090)  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It is 950m walking distance from Contest Zone.


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