About breads. The team takes 5kg of flour to make 1 dough, is that right ?
> Yes, they have to use 5kg of flour for 1 recipe, 1 dough


A part from the baguette, can the dough be modified by adding an other ingredient to make the long breads or other shape ?

> No, every product made with this recipe has to be done with the same dough.


For the 5 long bread, is it better to make 1 sample or 5 different ?

> The 5 breads have to be identical.


Will all the products be tasted ? for example, for the breads, except the baguettes, will the long bread and others be tasted ?

> There is no rule for that. But usually, the baguette is tasted. However, the other breads have been made with the same dough and the same method.


Can we bring support to display Viennoiserie ?
> No this, would not be fair to every team

Can we have pictures of previous Artistic piece as references ?

> Yes, they will be online. But note that the raised dough is no more mandatory to be made on site. You can do one, but it is not asked in the subject.