The Contest


Le 5ème Mondial du Pain aura lieu en France, du 23 au 27 septembre 2015, à la Foire Internationale de Saint-Etienne.


The purpose of the competition: 
The World of the Bread aims:

- to appreciate the professional know-how of the participants

- To demonstrate, by the practice, to a vast public, an evolution and progress of the Art to Mold

- to give new ideas regarding gastronomy

- to stimulate the young people of the profession


Every team is necessarily constituted by a leader Baker and of an assistant. Within the competitions, the transmission of the know-how is essential to the future of the bakery.
It is the reason why, the 2nd World of the Bread, in January, 2009, allowed the creation of the Trophy rewarding the best assistant.
A very big importance is attached to the preparation of well-kept, well-balanced and diversified breads, as well as to the attractive display.


The nutrition is put forward, in the fault the elaboration of a bread nutrition, which takes into account the optimization of the nutritional value of the bread, while respecting the taste. Reward of the special prize " Taste and Nutrition ".


The consideration of the new consumer trends, in environmental material, allowed to integrate the manufacturing and the emphasis of a biological bread, which will respect in the way of the possible, the environmental protection. It will be rewarded by the Organic special prize


Conditions of participation:

The competition is opened to all the bakers, the man or the woman of the nationality of the country where they represent (being valid passport), of 21 and more years old for the candidate and less than 22 years for the assistant. The candidate has to have 5 years of experience minimum.

The competition:
Every team has a 1 hour of preparation the day before the competition and of 8 hours and 30 minutes the next day.



12 teams in competition to reveal the best of the bakery

All the talents of the baker are put to the test:

. Bread of the World (baguettes, typical breads, bread nutrition health, restoring breads)

. Croissants and similar products prestige

. Artistic Piece

. Bread nutrition health (2007)

. Well-balanced sandwich (novelty 2009)

. Bread from organic products (novelty 2011)


The trophy " Special nutrition " is awarded by a jury of nutritionists and chefs. The bread is auxilliaire of our health. Its nutritional qualities make a reference food product. 


Progress of a day of competition:
The competition is on 3 days, at the rate of 4 countries a day.
It is a permanent animation. The competition takes place throughout the day.

In here is the program:
6:30am: at the beginning of the competition for the candidates

12:00am: passage of the first products in front of the jury

2:00pm-3:00pm: artistic decoration(set) with assembly of the live part

4:00pm-5:30pm: jury and animation


During the whole day, and on the center stage, will be presented the interviews and the testimonies on precise themes which develop the Ambassadors of the Bread:
. The taste

. The nutrition

. The transmission of the know-how

. The bio and the consideration of the sustainable development

. The fast food and the food balance

The partners of the competition are also brought to develop these various axes, according to their specialization.


The jury:

The jury consists:
. 8 bakers of 8 different countries from competing teams

. 1 recognized chef

. 1 nutritionist

. 1 scientist

. 1 consumer
The jury is chaired by a baker recognized on the international stage.


The prize-giving is made on Sunday, September 27th at 2:30 pm, in the presence of the officials, the partners, Ambassadors of the Bread and of the Best Workers of France.
This competition rewards the best Baker accompanied with his assistant, with the award of the Trophy of the Ambassadors of the Bread.

Five special prizes:

 . Special trophy "Goût et Nutrition" 

. Special trophy bio 

. Special Prize "viennoiserie"  

. Special Prize Best Assistant

. Special Prize Artistic Piece  

. Ambassadors Trophy 


Here is attached the Press Pack for 5th World of Bread


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