Regulation Print
Article 1
The regulation is the official document with everything you need to know to manage your participation in the 5th World of Bread Contest, from September 23rd to 27th 2015.
All applicant country and especially the President of the National Selection must read it in its entirety, the application involving acceptance of these rules.
Indeed, the President of each selection is responsible for enforcing these regulations to his team during the preparation of the competition.
Only the French version is reputed to be opposable in case of disagreement.
Article 2
Purpose of the competition
The WORLD OF BREAD CONTEST is organized by the Ambassadors of Bread. It will take place from Wednesday 23rd to Saturday, September 26th, 2015 as part of the International Fair of Saint Etienne.
The World of Bread was designed to assess the professional skills of the participants to demonstrate, through practice, to a wide audience, the evolution and progress of Art Boulanger, give new ideas for gastronomy, nutrition and stimulate young profession.
Great importance is attached to the preparation of neat, balanced and diverse breads, and also to an attractive presentation.
Article 3
Only winners from national selections can apply for Fifth World of Bread Contest.
Each country must establish a selection committee and appoint a National Ambassador. The Ambassador must commit to promote the profession and disseminate knowledge of the artisan baker to new generations.
The representative (Ambassador of Bread) of this country will organize a National selection. Then candidates who were selected in their country can participate in this competition, after having sent information sheets N°3 (Candidate), N°4 (Commis) and N°5 (Coach)
Each country must return the sheets n°3, n°4 and n°5 (application) before February 15th 2015 to the organization secretariat of the World of Bread Contest. If the national selection is not done by Feburary 15th, the country has to send the application form on April 1st the latest. The Organizing Committee will meet to enable countries eligible to compete in September 2015. Their decision is final.
Maximum 12 nations are eligible to participate in the 5th World of Bread Contest
Article 4
Team composition
Each country is represented by a team:
 a candidate baker older than 25 years January 1, 2014
 a commis younger baker than 22 years January 1, 2014
 a coach baker
The candidate must be a baker from the country he represents and have 5 years minimum of experience.
The commis must be from the country he represents.
Article 5
Registration fee
Each country must pay a registration fee set at 500 Euros by bank transfer to the following account:
Or payment via the website of the Ambassadors of Bread
NB: In the absence of payment of all fees, (at the latest March 1st, 2015) no application will be registered. The amount of these fees is not refundable.
Article 6
Right of use of the brand
The commercial sponsorship of your preparation can only be done at a national level and the Committee of Organization must be informed of it. It must bear the name:
Country Name
The registration fee of 500 Euros (article 4) includes the rights to use the trademark "5th World of Bread Contest, Taste and Nutrition."
Article 7
Travel expenses of the candidate, commis and Coach representing the country are supported by the organizing committee of the World of Bread. Conditions are as follow :
Round trip flight, economy class, up to €1200/pers. for international flights, and up to €600/pers. for european flights.
Transportation expenses for the teams are supported by the organizing committee fo World of Bread. Conditions are as follow : bus or city bus to and from the Contest Zone. A bus or city bus to and from the partners’ nights.
Lodging expenses for candidate, commis and coach are supported by the organizing committee of World of Bread. Conditions are as follow : 3* Hotel (define by committee), 1 signle room and 1 twin room, from September 23rd to september 27th 2015 (4 nights).
Meal expenses for candidate, commis and coach are supported by the organizing committee of World of Bread. Conditions are as follow : breakfast (hôtel) from September 24th to September 27th, lunch on fait (tickets) from September 24th to September 27th, and dinners (patners evening and Gala dinner) from September 23rd to September 26th.
Article 8
Recipes and List of ingredients
Following the sending of your forms n°3, n°4 and n°5 application, you will receive a folder (Recipes and list of ingredients) to complete for all your recipes and the list of ingredients (not supplied by organization) that you need to bring to make your subject.
Only this file will be given to the jury members.
The list of ingredients available will be provided in the Technical File.
For the smooth running of the event, this folder (Recipes and list of ingredients) will be returned to the organizing secretariat before 25 August 2015.
 The team will be noted on the compliance with these article during the competition.
Article 9
Teams are required to work with equipment provided by the organizer. Candidates wishing to bring small equipment must necessarily ask to the organization. Any breach of this rule will result in the prohibition using this material (prohibit using of gas appliances). A list of official material will be provided in the Technical File.
An inventory of equipment will be made official by specific Commissioners responsible and team leader in the delivery of the bakery. Any missing equipment will be invoiced by the organizing committee.
The bakery will be left clean at the end of the competition.
 The team will be noted on the compliance with these article during the competition
Article 10
Subject of the contest
In order to realize the subject, you will be alloted :
 1 hour of preparation the day before the contest
 8 hours the day of the contest
There will be no time exceed permitted.
 No cooking neither products in the oven between preparation time of the eve and the date of the event will be allowed.
WORLD BREAD category
Standard breads : using 5kg of flour, method of work (kneading, fermentation, etc.) at candidate’s discretion. The order details are as follows :
 10 baguettes, weight after baking : 250g (+/- 10g), length between 50cm and 55cm, non floured and minimum 5 cuttings.
 5 loafs of long bread, weight after baking : 400g (+/- 10g)
 The remaining dough will be used to prepare bread in 3 shapes, for which weight and shape will be at candidates’discretion.
These products will be presented to the jury for tasting after 6 hours and a half of work.
Health & Nutrition bread : Bread made from cereals and (or) seeds, elaborated so as to provide a supplement of vitamins, minerals and other. One dose of salt (maximum 10g per kilo of dough) must be respected.
Using 8kg of dough, the candidates will be required to prepare 3 breads of different shapes (weight and shapes at candidate’s discretion).
This bread will be judged on its composition (together with a presentation text written in French and English).
Bread made from raw materials Biological
The candidate should incorporate a certain amount of natural leaven in their recipe.
Using 8kg of dough, the candidates will be required to prepare 3 breads of different shapes (weight and shapes at candidate’s discretion).
Typical Bread of the candidates’respective countries : using 3 kg of flour, the candidates will be required to bake a loaf of traditionnal bread, typical of their country (shape and weight are at the candidates’discretion).
SANDWICH category
The candidates will be required to prepare a “balanced sandwich” (on nutritional level), weighing between 200g and 250g. A total of 10 identical sandwiches will be prepared.
These will be judged on their aspect, originality, taste and nutritional qualities.
Candidates will be free to choose the type of bread they will use. The products used to prepare the sandwiches will be supplied by the candidates.
This sandwich will be judged on its nutritional balance (together with a presentation text written in French and English).
All pastry creations must be sweet pastry and furnished before cooking
Raised Puff Dough, using 1kg of flour the candidates will be required to prepare :
12 croissants (bent shaped), finished weight 65g (+/-5g)
2 « Prestige » varieties, finished weight between 90g and 100g. (2 different shapes and fillings, 10 units of each)
One of these 2 varieties will be elaborated with chocolate at your disposal.
Raised Dough, using 1kg of flour the candidates will be required to prepare :
2 different plaits (number of branches and weight at candidates’discretion)
2 « Prestige » varieties, furnished before cooking (except finishing) and weighing between 90g and 100g when finished (2 shapes and different fillings, 10 pieces each) with the remaining dough.
 By « Prestige Variety » you have to understand a product with artistic and tasty research, in its shape and filling.
 the whole products above mentionned will be presented 30mn before the end of the event
(after 7 hours and a half of work)
The remaining half hour will only be used put together the artistic piece. All candidates are required to use in totality this half hour so that the jury can appreciate the dexterity of the team and complexity in assembling the artistic piece.
 If necessary, parts of the scene can be assembled in the bakery before the last half hour.
The candidates will choose a theme representative of the national identity of their country of origin.
The artistic piece is realised in advance by the candidat and the commis. Brought by the candidate, it has to be assembled and finished on site.
The artistic piece will be put together in the last half hour of the contest (from 2 pm to 2.30 pm).
Dimensions :
 Maximum Length : 60cm.
 Maximum Width : 60cm
 Minimum height : 80cm
 To support your artistic piece, a wooden base (60cm x 60cm) covered with a fabric, will be supplied by the Organization.
No display base other than that provided by the organization, will be allowed.
The raw materials used must be edible.
Article 11
Work – Cleanness – Hygiene
The applicant is the only party responsible for clean bakeries and materials available. At the start of the competition, he will sign an inventroy of fixtures of the bakery with the Ambassador responsible for the bakery. A contradictory inventory will be made on rendering the bakery at the end of competition.
Please note that the bakery must be left perfectly clean 4.30 pm at the latest, as it was at the beginning of competition.
The President of the Jury will have before it the breach of this clause if found in the contradictory inventory.
Article 12
Presentation of works
The size of the display tables will be provided later in the Technical File.
The jury will pay particular attention to the presentation of the different products.
At the end of the tests, after scoring products, candidates must deliver their products and pieces at the site of exposure indicated by the commissioners.
The organizers reserve the right to reproduce and the right to exploit the works exhibited.
Article 13
Standard Bread 30
Respect of the order 10
Health and Nutrition Bread 40
Biological Bread 40
Typical Bread 40
Total Breads and Sandwich 200
Respect of this order 10
Raised puff dough
Croissants 20
Prestige n°1 25
Prestige n°2 25
Raised dough
Braids 20
Prestige n°1 25
Prestige n°2 25
Respect for theme and regulation 20
Technical difficulties 50
artistic sense 50
Respect for regulation (return of the documents) 10
Oganization 10
Techniques, gestures and rigor during the work 10
Hygiene 10
Educational methods with the commis 30
Presentation of the products 10
The notes are controlled by the President of the jury as well as the position of the teams.
Article 14
The jury consists of :
 A President of the Jury
 Ambassadors from other countries than those participating.
 A nutritionist for the marking of the “health and nutrition bread” and for the bread prepared with raw materials of biological origin.
The coach of each country is the guarantor of all information relating to his team. He is responsible for preparations and monitoring of the physical presence of the team representing his country.
For information, no cancellation can be accepted by the organizing committee beyond 15 June 2015.
Article 15
Awards for the 5th World of Bread are as follows:
1st Prize : Trophy Ambassadors + 2 medals
2nd prize : 1 cup Silver + 2 medals
3rd prize : 1 cup Bronze + 2 medals
Each participant is given a medal.
The Ambassadors of Bread will grant :
a "Taste and Nutrition Trophy" awarded by a nutritionist. This award focuses on the nutritional qualities and taste of the product.
An Award "Ambassadors of Bread" rewarding the best baker commis. He will be offered a week of training in a French bakery.
An Award "Bio Special" rewarding the best candidate in the category Organic bread
a special "pastry"
a special "piece of art"
The winners of the 5th World Bread are contractually bound to the Ambassadors of Bread for any public relations activities that follow the 2015 edition of the World of Bread for a period of 2 years.
Each award winning candidate will have to collaborate on its promotion, give his recipes and participate in the communication.
Article 16
The winning teams are committed to cite the event "5th World of Bread Contest, taste and nutrition," on all communications, clothing, media, and occasionally all events highlighting the fifth World of Bread Contest "Taste and Nutrition". In addition, they agree to wear the jacket “5th official World of Bread Contest”at all promotional public relations referring to it. Teams undertake to respond positively to any request from the organization and our main sponsors for any event in the country.
Article 17
The organizing committee of the World of Bread reserve themselves the right to make any changes dictated by the circumstances or force majeure, in particular concerning the participation of guest countries.
The organizing committee reserve themselves the right to cancel the competition altogether, in case of force majeure
Article 18
The President of the jury is present throughout the competition for finding potential regulatory offenses.
During the competition, in case of dispute, serious dispute on a point of the regulation or in case of problems not mentioned in the regulations, the original settlement in French is authentic and a final decision is made after deliberation between the juries, the President of the jury and the organizers.
After the results are announced, all claims will be unacceptable. No protest will be allowed.